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Solar Eclipse Windowfashions
Honeycomb Shades
      Honeycomb shades  

  • UV protection
  • Energy Smart
  • Pleat retention
  • High performance cord lock
  • Easy set equalizer
  • Duo tone color format
  • Compact stacking height
  • Breakthrough cord connector
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Standard rectangular
  • Duo fold top down - bottom up
        Continuous cord loop system
  • Cordless
  • 2 on 1 head rail
  • Motorized
3/8"  Soft Touch Double Honeycomb Cellular
Energy Smart construction helps insulate
windows and reduce energy.
Light gauge fabric blocks virtually 100% of
harmful UV light
Crisp, honeycomb cellular construction will
not sag and flatten
Fabric is velvety to the touch, but resists
stains, fading and fraying
Flame Resistant 3/8" Double
Honeycomb Shade
Made from a commercial grade, flame
resistant fabric ideal for public
buildings, health care facilities, schools
and offices.  
The  design offers Energy Smart
insulation, soft light diffusion and easy
maintenance.  Has passed the
following industry test for flame
resistance; California ADM, Code Title
19, NFPA 701 and the Department of
Transportation Motor Vehicle Safety
Standard 302 Flammability and Interior
3/8"  and 3/4"  Double Honeycomb Shade
Double Cell Energy Smart design that
increases the efficiency of your home and
reduces your energy bills. Available in the
largest selection of colors and patterns
3/4" Single Honeycomb Shade
3/4" Single Honeycomb that provides a
dynamic impact for todays larger
windows. The sophisticated honeycomb
design stacks compactly  to virtually
disappear when raised. Are available in
light filtering and blackout fabrics.
1 1/4" Single Honeycomb Shade
design provides excellent insulation,
privacy and light diffusion.  Perfect
solution for those looking for an elegant
but economic solution for covering
windows Is available in room darking or
light filtering fabrics